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We all know there are literally thousands of fetish and femdom websites these days. I remember the time when there were no so many of them which mean I was able to watch the whole scene growing slowly. This is putting me in the position of knowing the majority of the well- established websites in relevant fetish niches. What I am trying to say is that not all websites are equal in quality and offered content. For example, you can’t compare websites being online for over a decade and some great new ones, but still very young. This is why I have created kind of a top list where I have sorted out sites I consider best and that I believe every real fetishist should visits, at least once in a while. Below are the top 7 premium websites I hold valuable fetish resources. You can expect not only suffering by enslaved and humiliated men but also some of the hottest webcam fetish girls, foot fetish women looking for real slaves and even some exclusive stuff featuring beautiful shemales and trannies! But you should not waste more valuable time that can be used much better. Go ahead and start clicking on banners of my favorite premium recommended fetish websites!

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If you know me and what I am doing, then you know that I am a demanding person but also a type of girl that tends to be honest and righteous. This is the reason why I wanted to separate my friends and avoid to be biased when talking about favorite fetish websites. Below are some of the equally great sites as the ones mentioned above but I just didn’t want to mix them with other ones because of previously mentioned reason. The variety is big and you will find some fantastic fetish ladies and dominant women but you should also expect that this list is periodically updated and changed which is more than a good reason to come back here often and check out is there something new. And I assure you, I am constantly browsing new female domination and fetishresources (when not being busy with ruining my personal slaves) so you can bet there will besome more great links to discover.

My Linkpartner

This section is dedicated to a variety of websites that are actually my link partners. This means I’ve decided to put them here after checking their quality first and ensuring they put some effort to talk about me and my website. Don’t get me wrong, all those links are fantastic resources of mostly exclusive and often genuine fetish content, they are just belonging to a different category compared to premium and friends links. There is a big chance you will find some fresh and irreplaceable sources on the link list below so take your time and try to check them all without thinking twice.