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Being into femdom teasing, male humiliation and generally in various forms of female domination for all these years, I've learned to precisely predict behavior of the men. It is really handy when it comes to forcing men to do nasty stuff like becoming submissive bisexual slaves. But forced bi is not my only field of expertise. On the contrary. I find a great deal of enjoyment in making males feeling miserable, pathetic, weak and making them accept their true subordinate position toward women. Over the years, this helped me to perfect my domination skills but also to meet some of the finest dominant woman having the same interest and motivation as I do.

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My german Bisex femdom Clipstore

As a genuine German Mistress, I wanted to make a special section for my fellow countrymen and generally for all people enjoying speaking and listening to the German language. A long time ago I've heard that male slaves worldwide recognize the German language to be strict, precise and somehow cruel. Well, to me it is normal and natural but I still can understand what they are trying to say.

Considering that those three mentioned above are the essence of every successful female domination relationship, it is totally understandable that femdom fetishist enjoys watching sexy dominant girls giving orders in German. If I want to be more precise, various fetish related videos in this video clips repository contain BDSM humiliation footage recorded in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany.

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