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Greedy German Findom

Let your goddess rip you off

Financial domination made in Germany

Ruthless online education

Congratulations you found me! I’m the famous Vicky Carrera – one you will be paying extravagantly to treat you like dirt. That’s my specialty folks; a greedy findom with utter disregard to your dignity and finances. I don’t give a fuck about your position in society. This is my world, I am your findom and I set the rules you useless prick! I’ll chew your self esteem up, spit it out and step on it and you are going to reimburse me for my troubles motherfucker! I’m German, so my merciless reputation should be preceding me already.
Nonetheless, here’s a little something about me; I have the experience you’re looking for. Forget the little brats in their experimental phase who will freak out in the middle of a heated session leaving you all dressed up with nowhere to go!
I understand everything there is to know about this legitimate and most expensive fetish like the back of my hand. I guarantee you downright humiliation, and an absolutely rude raid into your fat wallet. You guessed it right, a dominant of my stature is no cheap. You will send me tributes every month. Since 2019 I live on the beautiful island of Fuerteventura and live through my investments in the financial market. Real Sessions are no longer possible.  You had the opportunity from 2011 to 2019 you little sucker. 

As a successful online entrepreneur, you will buy my digital products that I present to you on my website. From bisex videos to foot domination, you’ll find everything your pathetic slave heart needs to survive. You may as well choose an equally strict money mistress from my loyal legion of ruthless bitches at my live findom webcam channel. Privacy and security guaranteed!

I’ll Make You a Silly Submissive

Ruthless online education

phone education findom
Paypig Moneyslave

Does narcissism and unhealthy female supremacy turn you on? Well, it might surprise you to know that there’s nothing wrong with the urge to lose yourself a little, perhaps give out control of your body and finances, and delight some pleasurable humiliation in the hands of a ferocious findom-a German one for that matter! Submission is a legitimate fetish worth exploring, and I’ll be honored to walk you through this Wild West of erotism if you let me. I know what it feels to have a woman’s spirit trapped in a man’s skin- so I’ll set you free, and allow you to serve under my harsh dominance. You will heed my commands, execute my desires, and out of my cruelty you’ll derive your thrills of pleasure. I’m a fucking tyrant, and my works speaks for itself!

Online Submissive Training

Become my obedient puppet

Findom Bi Slave

Feel like BDSM is your poison but can’t quite figure out how to go about it? Lucky for you I am in the business of helping out guys like you stop living on the edge and instead explore their sexuality to the fullest. Again, I’m Vicky Carrera and I’ll be pleased to be taking you through this journey of self discovery. I am an overqualified German findom, so you should be thanking your lucky stars for leading you to my path. I’ll train you how to derive pleasure in pain, crossdress like a real bitch, put on makeup and rock heels like you were born with them. You will learn about service and honor, some military-level shit, and when I’m done with you, you’ll be giving killer blowjobs and taking huge shafts in your ass like its nothing. Welcome to my online findom training, come learn how to be a good daddy’s girl!

German money slavery

Your endless suffering

Sissy panty handjob
BBW Lezdom

As an experienced findom, I know the secret desires of my slaves. You get off on serving, being ripped off and then ignored.

Often, you may not be aware of the fact that nothing would give you more pleasure than paying to be a slave and submitting to my strict dominance. As a greedy findom with a genuine passion which I also act out in my private life, I know straight away what you need. I understand you and your desires. Together, we will release the wretched shrimp inside you that loves to part with his money. We will free him from the depth of your soul and let him shine. Exhibit him. This submissive, insignificant little creature longs to be milked. I will shape and train you, and make no mistake, I am a strict mistress. I will clip your wings, force you to submit to my capriciousness and greed for money. You won’t be able to help yourself; you will keep on paying and love every minute of it. Today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. You will think of one thing only: Pay and shell out to feel the bitter-sweet, painful pleasure you get from being ripped off. You will long for being humiliated and tortured by your findom; paying me money will become your raison d’être.

There is only one way to keep your masterful mistress satisfied, to get just a few precious moments more of her longed-for attention. You pay. Believe me, you don’t have to be ashamed of the fact that you get your satisfaction our of paying me, again and again. Finding pleasure in material loss is a typical characteristic. You are born to be a slave. Humiliate yourself, release yourself and give. You will delight in my gracious acceptance of your gifts. Assuming I do accept them. It costs a lot to make me happy. An awful lot. And it will never end. You will shell out, again and again, and not too little.

You are a beginner when it comes to total submission for money? Trust my sometimes loving but always manipulative guidance. Recognise what you are: Someone who is there to be used and to pay. As a merciless greedy goddess, I will lead you into the right path.

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