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Do you wish to be owned, fucked in the ass like a filthy slut and all the manhood you thought you had trashed? How about I sissify your sorry ass, and let you live your outlandish fantasy bitch! Welcome to hell- and by the way, you no longer need those boxers. From now on, your butt is as good as a cum-dumpster where horny motherfuckers nut in whenever they please.

I’ll be upfront with you; I’m a break you! Feminize you real good, and finally give you an excuse to take a beating. In the end, you are going to enjoy male companionship, hunger for the feeling of a massive cock making its way down your tight asshole. Eventually, you will crave the indescribable feeling of warm fresh cum unloaded in your track, and after each encounter you shall live for the next. This is the path you choose, and as dark as it may seem, it is laced with episodes of thrilling pleasure and absolute satisfaction.

Nope, this is not about you! This is about me; everything is about me- your pimptress, goddess, femdom or whatever you call it! It’s about service and honor! I rule with an iron fist, so factor in brutal punishments that will in turn heighten your submission whenever you get a little wood-headed. I’m making you my prostitute, and as such I’ll need to see the fruits of my hassle

If you enjoy getting fucked in the ass then you might as well make me money while at it. For your newly acquired sexuality, I’ll turn you into a porno-level cocksucking whore! You my slave, are going to endure plenty of anal just like you’ve always wished. You’ll attend a shit load of bisex parties where you’ll be expected to serve a battalion of men glorious blowjobs and take in gigantic slongs from behind like a good daddy’s girl! Again, this is the poison you picked so stop whining bitch!

Don’t worry; I’ll give you adequate training on how to handle a dick that is not yours! You will know the most sensitive part of the dick, and the right moment to make it explode uncontrollably. Multitasking is key to serving under my dominance. Expect a dick stuck in your butt, with another plunged down your esophagus while your deliver steamy handjobs with your hands- next level shit right! And thou shall not fart recklessly no matter how hard these men are wrecking every hole in your body!

You will learn submission and service as they are integral virtues to any good ladyboy. Executing commands will be your middle name no matter how dark they are. As a matter of fact, the darker the better, after all you are here to enhance your sexual experience so suck it up! Your pleasure will come from the rough throbbing and begging your master to spare your bruised ass from further spanking. As you can see, it is quid pro quo- I’m a good master to serve you can say that after me!

On the bright side I’ll teach you how to crossdress like a real bitch. I’m hoping you already banished your ugly boxers for I’ll be showing you how to rock colorful panties as part of your transformation to this wonderful world of utmost emasculation! You’ll wear the right make up too that matches your skin tone and bitch-ass attitude. Makeup that speaks whoring in every sense! We shall scan through every female attire that brings the best out of you and have you standing tall and sassy in beautiful hells. You want to see your future? Then get educated to a real slut!

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As an experienced goddess, I know the secret desires of my slaves.